Tuna Jump


A simple little arcade game written in a day and a half for the TINS 2005 competition. The game is mostly unfinished, only the main game is there, but there's no sound effects, music, options screen, highscores or anything else a finished game would need. The rules of the competitions stated that the game must be a parody, it must have something to unlock, it must feature a troll and it must make use of sine waves. This game doesn't strictly satisfy all of those requirements, but it gets close...


Here's how the game looks like.

Tuna Jump


file version date size description author preview
Tuna Jump 0.12 13.03.2005 661k My TINS 2005 entry. Very unfinished but playable. Created from scratch (almost) in about 10 hours! Miran Amon

Source code is included. If you want to compile yourself you're going to need a couple of extra libraries: Allegro and MASkinG.