This is my TINS 06 entry. A simple but difficult game that requires skill, concentration, good reaction time and the ability to keep an eye on several objects, predict their movement and plan your moves.

The goal is to dodge enemy drones and enemy fire for as long as possible. The fact that the space in which you move is very limited and there are a lot of objects, sometimes more that 10, that you have to keep an eye on, makes this a lot more difficult than it sounds. If you can survive for more than 20 seconds, you are very good!


Here's how the game looks like.



file version date size description author preview
Dodger (Windows exe) 1.18 09.11.2006 1.310k My TINS 06 entry. Miran Amon
Dodger (source) 1.18 09.11.2006 331k My TINS 06 entry. Miran Amon

If you want to compile the source code you're going to need a few extra libraries: Allegro, MASkinG, D.U.M.B. and cURL.