Allegro Darts


Allegro Darts is a simple dart throwing game I wrote with the Allegro game programming library. I wrote the majority of the code in about 6 hours trying to see what sort of a game I could make in so limited time. I was well pleased with the result so I finnished it the next day by adding some more graphics, sounds and polish. I hope you'll enjoy playing the game as I did writing it.

How to play

In this version you can only play the simlpe bar room dart games such as 301, 501, 701 and 901. The rulse for these are simple and almost identical. You start with either 301, 501, 701 or 901 points (hence the names of the games) and your objective is to get your score to zero before your opponent does. To do this you throw darts at a dartboard which is divided into 20 equal pie pieces labeled with numbers from 1 to 20. This is the number of points the areas are worth. For each dart you throw you get as many points as the area you hit is worth. If you manage to hit the thin stripe at the top of each area the score is doubled and if you hit the even smaller stripe in the middle the score is tripled. If you hit the centre of the board (bulls eye) you get 50 points and for the red area right next to it you get 25. You get 3 darts per visit and the score you make with them is subtracted from your total score. If you score too much (i.e. you go negative) you're busted and you immediately loose your turn.

Double-in and double-out: if double-in is activated then you must open with a double (the score you make gefore you do that doesn't count) and if double-out is activated you must finnish the game with a double.


Here's how the game looks like.

Allegro Darts


file version date size description author preview
Allegro Darts 1.02 21.01.2003 765k A simple dart throwing game made with Allegro. Miran Amon

The package contains a Windows binary. Source code is included and should compile in Linux without problems!