Bobilly-wobilly is a remake of the classic Blobby Volleyball by Daniel Skoraszewsky and Silvio Mummert. You can get the original here if the link still works.

The rules

The rules are very similar to real volleyball: one player serves and tries to get the ball to the other side of the net. If the other player fails to return the ball or makes a mistake, the player who has the serve gets a point. If the serving player makes a mistake, no points are awarded, only the serve changes. A mistake is when the ball falls on the ground or if a player hits the ball more than three times. The game is over when one of the players gets 15 points and the difference betweeen players is at least 2 points.

Development status

Bobilly-Wobilly is not yet complete. In fact this is only a demo version (v0.14, built on 18th November 2002). You can't yet play against the computer or against another player over a network. Currently only "2 players on the same computer" mode of play is possible. Also the sound, music and graphics will change in future versions. Contributions are always welcome.


Here's how the game looks like.



file version date size description author preview
Bobilly-Wobilly 0.14 20.11.2002 1450k A Blobby Voleyball clone. Unfinished and abandoned. Miran Amon

The package contains a Windows binary. Source code is included.