My Speedhack 2005 entry. It's a simple but complete top down 2D shooter with weapons, enemy AI, explosions, music, random level generator, etc. Created in only 72 hours, but it's one of the more complete games I ever made. It's a little on the difficult side though.

Version 1.01 was developed just a couple of hours after the competition deadline. It fixes a number of issues regarding the controls and difficulty. It's easier than the official entry but still quite difficult :)

Version 1.02 was a little easier, version 1.03 fixed a few minor bugs, but v1.04 is quite a bit away from the original release - it has rotated camera which makes it a lot easier to play!

Version 1.05 is a bit better balanced than 1.04. The enemies are more willing to chase and shoot you, weapons properties have been slightly adjusted and pickup items now disapear after a while. This is now a difficult but beatable and very playable game.

Version 1.06 fixes a few minor sound/music bugs, a movement/strafe bug and makes the enemies go after the player instead of stying in one part of the map all the time!

Version 1.07 has a few minor weapon and AI tweaks (shotgun fires two bullets and bots avoid using the grenade launcher) an is more optimized (30% more FPS on my computer).

Version 1.08 fixes a minor sound bug (shot gun fire played the sample twice) and a small difficulty adjustment (more enemies and less items).

The latest version is v1.09. Compared to v1.08 it only has a few minor balance tweaks.


Here's how the game looks like.



file version date size description author preview
PeaceFighter 1.09 21.08.2005 380k My SpeedHack 2005 entry, Windows binary + source Miran Amon

Source code is included. If you want to compile yourself you're going to need a couple of extra libraries: Allegro and DUMB.