Centipede is simple arcade game seen in one form or another on many platforms from game arcades to cellphones. Other popular versions of this game are also called Snake, Worms, Nibbles, etc.

How to play

Centipede is a very simple game. You control a snake that moves in an enclosed area and grows as it eats food. Your goal is to eat a certain number of food items in order progress to the next level.


Here's how the game looks with the QNXAmiga skin.



file version date size description author preview
Centipede (Windows) 1.21 10.11.2002 661k A centipede/worm/snake clone, windows binary. Miran Amon
Centipede (source) 1.21 10.11.2002 289k A centipede/worm/snake clone, source code and data. Miran Amon
MASkinG 0.65 20.02.2003 584k a prehistoric version of MASkinG Miran Amon
AllegroFont 1.91 07.04.2004 1320k Javier Gonzalez' Allegro Font library v1.91. Javier Gonzalez

In order to compile the game yourself you will need to download and install the Allegro, MASkinG v0.65 and AllegroFont libraries. The precompiled version should work out of the box on Windows.