Allegro Mini-game Collection 2


This is a collection of mini-games written with Allegro. It is completely open and anyone with a little bit of coding skills can add their own game. The games are implemented as DLLs which are dynamically loaded by the AMGC2 program (they're effectively plugins).


Here's how the program and some of the games look like.

AMGC2 - the host program


You can download the program below. A Windows binary is available and a source release prepared for Linux. Both versions contain 3 sample games and all source and data. If you want to compile the program yourself you're going to need a couple of extra libraries: Allegro and MASkinG. To compile the games you only need Allegro (unless the game has additional requirenements).

file version date size description author preview 2.11 21.06.2006 1.120k Windows binary, source and data + 3 small games. Miran Amon
amgc2.tar.gz 2.11 21.06.2006 324k Source and data + 3 small games. Miran Amon 1.01 08.02.2006 500k Allegro Darts. Miran Amon 0.4 11.02.2006 81k Duck Hunter - Shoot the ducks! Eugenio Favalli 1.3 06.02.2006 79k Spheres of Doom Anders Andersson 1.01 08.02.2006 22k Pong Miran Amon 0.95 12.02.2006 81k Pacman 729 Amarillion 1.02 14.02.2006 100k Blocks - A Sokoban like game Paul Siramy & Yves Rizoud 0.9.0 12.02.2006 143k Chess Evert Glebbeek 0.1 21.02.2006 20k Numbers - A logical puzzle game. Eugenio Favalli
Anti-Virus home page 1.0 21.06.2006 - Antivirus - A dr. Mario clone. Todd Cope 1.0 16.03.2006 380k Missile Defend - A Missile Command clone. Miguel A. Gavidia 1.0 16.04.2006 41k Centipede - A Snake/Nibbles/Worm/Centipede clone. Miran Amon 1.0 30.4.2006 133k Rock Paper Scissors Jonathan Roatch 0.92 18.6.2006 890k Gem Game Miran Amon & Mark Oates