...and welcome to my homepage. My name is Miran Amon and I'm an Allegro addict. I've been using the Allegro game programming library for years now and although I haven't made anything really big yet, I have made quite a few little games and programs in this time. Here I give you all of my creations free of charge. You can find my GUI library called MASkinG, a few more or less useful applications written with it and a small number of games of varying quality. I hope you find something you like.

What's new

9. November 2006

  • Yet another bugfix release of Dodger: v1.18.

8. November 2006

  • Another new version of Dodger: v1.17 which fixes some more problems, is slightly more optimized and includes translations into several international languages.

7. November 2006

  • Added a new version of Dodger: v1.15 which adds support for themes.

6. November 2006

  • Added a new version of Dodger: v1.14 which fixes some more problems and adds language packs.

5. November 2006

  • Added source code only version of Dodger v1.13 which fixes a few issues on Linux.

23. June 2006

  • Reorganized the layout of the site a bit. Now each page has a list of available downloads instead of one global list for all pages.

21. June 2006

  • New version of AMGC (v2.11): fixed a nasty little bug that would continuously display the high score dialog on game over on slower machines (and less often on faster ones)

18. June 2006

  • New version of Gem Game (v0.92): added animated score display. Small but significant improvement!
  • New version of AMGC (v2.10): added option to play a game again without having to go back to the main menu, framerate settings and fixed a couple of bugs.

15. June 2006

  • New version of Gem Game (v0.9): added sound effects. Big thanks again to Mark Oates!

11. June 2006

  • Added new AMGC2 game: Gem Game v0.8. It's a simple Bejeweled clone with really nice graphics done by Mark Oates. Download link is in the AMGC2 section.

27. May 2006

  • New version (0.9) of Todd Cope's Antivirus game for AMGC2 has been released. Te new version has sound effects, imporved controls, optional visual aid, updated board generation and finished music. Download link is in the AMGC2 section.

26. May 2006

  • Really fixed CSS layout for IE6.
  • I think...

24. May 2006

  • Fixed CSS layout for IE6. Hopefully...

21. May 2006

  • Some CSS adjustments.

19. May 2006

  • Completely rewrote the site and moved it to allegro.cc.