Welcome to Edgar Reynaldo's homepage!

Please be patient! This site is under active construction! (Last update 2020/09/20)

Here you can find a collection of my software and demo programs, as well as artwork from my drawing program Spiraloid!

Download an archive of all my demos and software together here!!!

(archive of 7z and zip archives of the win32 binaries)
(you need 7-Zip, get 7-Zip here )

I am available for hire for contract work, with negotiable rates starting from $20/hr. I have 14 years experience in C and C++ software development, as well as 5 years of Java programming. I am versatile and I am motivated to get work done. If you would like to get in touch with me, send me a PM on allegro.cc through this link : Send me a private message! (you need to be a registered allegro.cc member first ( Join Allegro.cc!!! ). You should receive a response from me within a few days. *OR email me @ :marc @@@ m e d a v e n p o r t DOT COM

Having trouble building Allegro? I have put together two guides, one for building Allegro 4.4.X and one for Allegro 5.2.X.

How to build Allegro 4.4.X
How to build Allegro 5.2.X

Over the years I have written two GUI libraries, one that works with Allegro 4, and one that works with Allegro 5.

EAGLE : Edgar's Agile Gui Library and Extensions

Here is a list of software programs and demos I have put together over the years.

Built using C or C++ and Allegro

Built with Java