Skyline Missile Defense remake

Skyline screenshot
Download win32 binaries here :

When I was young I used to play games on my 286, and one game I remember I really enjoyed was Missile Defense. I always thought it was fun so I decided to remake it. I originally made this game in a single 24 hour coding spree using Allegro 4. It has since been updated to use Allegro 5.


The game has been fully updated to
include new backgrounds, shields, spread missiles,
and to use Allegro 5, kindly provided by the Allegroites at (LibAlleg.Org)!
Download now : Skyline2g.7z!
Controls are simple - point and LMB click where you want the missiles to go. The crosshairs are green when you can fire, and red when you can't. Lasers are activated by the RMB.

Try to aim your missiles to intercept the enemy missiles and explode in their path, thereby causing them to explode before they reach your city. Game ends when your city is destroyed or the enemy runs out of missiles.

The game is fully customizable through two text configuration files.

Cities.txt controls which cities are available in the game. Just follow the layout for the cities already in the file.
The syntax is CityName="Image.png|jpg|bmp"

Config.txt allows you to change the values for each difficulty setting. Comment lines start with a # symbol and tell you what each setting is.

Just read ExampleConfig.txt to see what I mean.