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Radial Triangles 200pixel Circle Or Square 200pixel Contracting Four Point Star 1 200pixel

This is one of the earliest graphics programs that I have written with the Allegro graphics library. It is completely original. After playing around with Allegro 4 and seeing what it could do I decided to make a program that draws spirals. The initial results were very pretty to look at, and over time I just kept adding features. All in all I have spent a few years on this project in my free time. 

Very recently I started work on a new version of the program named Spiraloid 2 that is a complete remake but still an ideological continuation of what I started with this project. There were some limitations of the first program due to using Allegro 4's software drawing. There was no anti-aliasing, and the overdraw left artifacts. Sometimes these artifacts were desirable, namely the ones that create moire patterns, triangles, and other random shapes. But I felt it was time to increase the resolution and add in anti-aliasing. Allegro 5 has all these features and more, and it was time to upgrade, so I made the move. 

Spiraloid 2 is now under active development, and it has given me the opportunity to clean up the code significantly as the code base for the original Spiraloid was suffering from what you might call Urban Sprawl.

Upgrading to Allegro 5 has also given me the opportunity to move the processing from the CPU and software drawing to the GPU and hardware accelerated drawing. This should greatly increase the ability of my program to perform at faster rates and at higher resolutions.