EAGLE : Edgar's Agile Gui Library and Extensions

Welcome to my homepage for EAGLE!
Over the years I have been actively developing two different GUI libraries. The first is Eagle 4, and was originally named Edgar's Allegro Gui Library and Extensions as it worked with Allegro 4. I developed it for quite some time until I realized some of the architecture of the library needed to be redone to make it more flexible. This is when I started developing Eagle 5, which has independent graphical backends, the first of those which have been written is for Allegro 5. Others still need to be developed. I have plans to support SDL 2.0 and SFML as backends for Eagle 5 at some point, but that is still in the future.

Eagle 4 Eagle 5
Eagle 4 Screenie Eagle 5 Screenie
Eagle4Demo.zip Eagle5Demo.zip
Eagle 4 GUI on sourceforge Eagle5 GUI's new home is on GitHub!
(works with Allegro 4, extensive widget set, no longer under active development) (works with allegro 5 currently, with plans to support SDL 2.0 and SFML as backends)
Eagle5 is mirrored on BitBucket!