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Legends of Thantil (v2.0)

Whoops, wrong dll in there, fixed now (April 11th).

You are Javez, the son of a rich merchant. The region of Thantil has been ravaged by the 'war on magic.' Your father was concerned about the Empire of Thantil drafting young men therefore he has sent you to a mercenary camp voiding you from participation. All is not well in the land of Thantil. The Emperor will stop at nothing to crush the 'terrorists' that use magic to corrupt our young.

Southglade, a small village in Thantil
Legends of Thantil - Editor

This relatively short RPG contains a battle system similar to Shining Force II (strategy rpg).

~11 minute soundtrack created by yours truly (that could be good or bad).
Over 100 NPCs that say something different.
Two playable characters.
20 unique items.

If I had to guess, I'd say that there's about 2-3 hours of gameplay contained within this RPG.

Please contact me (my email is contained within the ReadMe) if you would like to see something modified or if you notice any bugs. In case you're interested, this game was created in C++ with the use of the library Allegro. (Sourcecode)

thexaoss has redone the graphics! Thanks!
Thanks Steven for reviewing my game, it's appreciated.

Legends of Thantil - Summervale

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