Phantasma is an attempt to reimplement Freescape™ in OpenGL, with a modern interface.

It aims to be able to load any project created with the 3d Construction Kit and to eventually support various original Freescape games such as Driller, Dark Star, Total Eclipse and Castle Master.

At the minute Phantasma is a very young project. The original 3d Construction Kit demo game is nearly fully playable and the engine has reasonable support for pulling data from the ZX Spectrum versions of Driller and Dark Star and some support for Total Eclipse. However these games do not currently play correctly.

Phantasma is open source, and is built upon SDL, SDL_image, SDL_mixer and FreeType.

If you're a Windows user looking for specific remakes of some of the original Freescape games, then Ovine by Design's Driller and Total Eclipse are likely to be of more interest to you.