You may have heard of it. Take turns or play or over a network.


Java source and executable

Paper Tank
A networked tank battle game drawn in the appearance of notebook sketches. This project was developed with three other people. I implemented the GUI, sound, a little graphics, and some networking.


Python 2.4 sources using PyODE and PyGame

A game of Kalah to be played by a person against the computer AI. It took me a good deal of practice to compete decently against the computer.


Python sources

Kourier is based off of a small part of Neal Stephenson's excellent novel Snow Crash. You are a Kourier. It's your job to deliver packages. Being entirely rational, you have combined your work with your leisure, skateboarding.

Unfortunately, your board isn't quite fast enough to earn the good tip money (speedy drop-offs get ten times the tips as fast pick-ups). No problem; you can grapple onto the back of a car and ride behind it, like wakeboarding on concrete.


Windows executable and game resources
Python sources

Nitris was the first stand-alone game I made. It's your typical falling tetrimino game. It has decent graphics with a neat title screen and ending including pallete effects. 5230 is my top score.


Windows executable w/ source
You will need the Allegro4.2.2 dll in the same directory as the game.

Pele's Curse
I think we had about a week to learn and make a text adventure with Inform 7. If making one sounds like fun to you, you might want to look at the source for a simple introduction with a couple basic tricks. The game can be completed in about 20 steps.

Back story:

Your Hawaiian vacation went great, or so you thought. Returning home to the mainland, You lost your job, wife, dog, your money, and two fingers in different ways all without warning. Dizzy with shock, you wondered how this all could have happened. While packing your few remaining material possessions, you came across your souvenir piece of lava rock and remembered the old woman's warning: 'Those who take pieces of the Hawaiian goddess Pele shall feel her wrath.'

You think bitterly of your naivety as you swat the mosquitoes. It's taken you a long time to get back to the island. You had to get back by boat since you couldn't afford a plane ticket anymore. It will all be over soon. Just up ahead is the cliff by the beach where you found the cursed rock. You just know that if you can return the rock to its place by the statue on top of the cliff your luck will return.

Inform 7 source