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( Sorry for the bad quality of the site, I have absolutely no experience in web-design and unlikely to have in the near future. )



            I’m Murat AYIK, teacher, hobbyist programmer who dreams of making commercial games.............





I’m mainly working on an FPS engine and Milestone is the name of the progress demos that I release about every 1-2 months. They can’t be considered games but they are fully playable. The main purpose of the series is showing all the functionalities of the engine in a playable environment. The content and gameplay are miserable and they will be so for some more time. Still, the demos are small in size and worth downloading.


Some links for now:

Milestone v1.0  (The first release, had some initialization problems on some systems)

Milestone v1.1  (Same as v1.0, with the problems fixed)

Milestone v2.0  (A new version which has lighting and some stuff)


Milestone v3.0  (WIP, has a damn lot of improvements. Out in March 15th)