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In the city of the future, it is difficult to concentrate. Perhaps that is why the following projects remain in progress.

Old School Driving Game

An attempt to create an old school "not quite 3d" driving game, the graphics engine is pretty much complete. I am not enjoying fast progress with an attempt to bolt on a realistic car simulation.

PROBABLE FUTURE: If the "realistic" car simulation continues to elude me, I'll widen the road out to four lanes, bolt on an unrealistic car simulation, implement branching roads and turn it into a simple Outrun clone.

Source Code (Allegro required) (1.6 MB)

Old School Driving Game Level Constructor

Updated March 2007: images loading with the wrong colour on big endian machines fixed, build problems with some versions of MSVC fixed, mirroring of tiles and objects added.

The level editor for the driving game above, this for the first time adds track splits and an Outrun-inspired branching map, and redefines the floor as a tilemap to allow for dynamic growth of lanes and so on. The floor is now widened to four lanes and the whole thing now uses a (thick) OpenGL renderer. The idea is that the editor works "well enough" to produce the world and I'll split, clean and optimise the view rendering code into the game proper.

The editor has a manual here (also included in the download) but needs more testing and a screen that allows the base theme (the stripes shown above) to be set for each segment. I also need to make a proper decision about segment length - which will probably break whatever files are generated with this version so don't use it religiously.

Be sure to read the manual!

If you build, be sure to put Font.png in the same folder as the executable and move the "objects" and "tiles" directories so that they become subdirectories of the one containing the executable. An easy way to achieve this is to put the executable you make into the "Resource" directory from the .zip.

Source Code, manual and some graphics (SDL, SDL_image required) (401.2 kB)
Mac OS X Universal Binary (1.6 MB)

OpenGL rendering project

The ongoing result of an attempt to create a simple 3d rendering/scene management system that I can subsequently use for various projects. Currently little more than a model loader and material manager, it loads 3ds files, optimises opaque segments with Nvidia's NvTriStrip and builds minimum-division BSP trees for any not fully opaque segments. Texture compression is used where available. The display window is fully resizeable and may be switched to a fullscreen display.

PROBABLE FUTURE: I'll add object and possibly polygon level quadtrees for static objects and some sort of dynamic object system on top of that. Plus maybe stencil shadows, because I think they look neat. I need to develop and support some sort of internal file format so that BSPs don't have to be built at runtime - it isn't a fast process. Then I'm all set for some sort of 3d platformer or a decent sequel to my Deathchase 3d if I'm interested.

Source Code (SDL, SDL_image, NvTriStrip and lib3ds required - SDL_image relies on libpng and libjpeg) (345.3 kB)

All projects on this page are distributed under the GNU Public License version 2. Email the author.

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