2007-10-23: I've uploaded my brother's PONG game. He used my old pong sources and timing routines, took a little from other people, and made a fairly decent "first pong game." I'm hosting it here, since it looks like 75% my code (the timing stuff and some of the classes). So here it is (in a zip file).

I was actually surprised that it compiled and ran on my MacOS X without warnings, glitches, or leaks. That kinda stunned me, actually. He put several comments in the code to inform me how to compile it for a Mac (I'm more used to Windows programming). It's well-commented, so have fun; enjoy. If there are any comments on the code, you can let him (OnlineCop) know.

2006-11-30: I have worked on a simple example for a multi-dimensional array. It's written in C++ and available here. It is nothing special, but since I've had questions on how to implement dynamic arrays (without using the STL), I thought someone else might find it useful.

2006-10-23: I have now wanted to create a dynamic array of strings (yea, cheesy, I know). I've had some help on the Allegro.cc forums [...] with it, but I'm still looking to see why I'm being told that this program has memory leaks.

So, I'm sticking my code here on this website until I figure it out. It might be a matter of minutes or days before I figure it out, but I'd rather learn to do it right than "just let it go."

The two files are: filenames.cpp and stringarray.h. If anyone has ideas, the feedback would be welcome!

2006-10-08: I am currently working on a new learning project. I am trying to learn how to create OO windows, which would allow me to update each sub-window independantly.

This project has come about because of the KQlives [...] map editor. I have to update everything at the same time, but would rather just create separate windows [...], each which would take care of its own tasks.

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