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My name is Ryan Opp. I am hoping to land a job one day making video games. This website is where you can download some of my creations. Have fun. Tell your friends. Let me know what you think (my email is in the Those Cluckin' Wizards ReadMe file, and I can also be messaged on Facebook and Allegro.cc). Send me your maps and high scores.

So without further ado, here are the...


All games are for Windows.

Those Cluckin' Wizards

Employers! This is the flagship game of the site as it shows my C++ skills and is very complex! Please check it out!

A super-fun shooter game for 1-32 players. Take control of a powerful wizard and turn your rivals into chickens! Features 3D physics, artificial inteligence, a map editor, and more! Made with C++, Allegro, and Winsock.

Big Axe Bear

A truly addicting Flash game. Guide your gold-mining bear through the dangerous mine collecting keys and pick-axes. Don't get squished by falling rocks.


A Flash Minesweeper clone with a twist. The panels are now triangles with 12 adjacent panels instead of 8!

Sudoku Solver

Just what it says it is: a Sudoku solver made with Flash.

Artsy Stuff

Here are some art things I've done that I'm proud of.

The Written Word (Sometimes Sung)

Here are some poems, songs, and documents that have flowed from my proverbial pen.

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