Malefiz (Barricade)


Each turn, you can move one token as many spaces as indicated by a roll of the dice. Only one token can occupy a space at a time. If you land on an opponent's token, it gets sent home. You cannot land on one of your own tokens.

There are 11 barricades spread throughout the board. A barricade cannot be jumped, it can only be passed if you land exactly on it. When you land on a barricade, you can reposition it anywhere on the board, except for on the bottom row.

Backtracking is not allowed during a turn, but pieces may be moved backwards. If only one peice can be moved on a turn, then it must be moved, even if backwards. You cannot pass on your turn. If a player cannot move a single piece, then they lose their turn.

The game ends when a player reaches the goal at the top of the board.

How to Play

The game is controlled with the mouse. Each turn, the dice is rolled automatically, and any pieces that can be moved will be highlighted. When you select a piece, all spaces that it can be moved to will be highlighted. You can unselect a piece during your turn by right-clicking.


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