Gull's projects, tests and library

SpeedHack 2015: The Fallings
	The Fallings, binaries and datas (Linux/Windows)
	The Fallings Sources
	The Fallings Readme
	SpeedHack 2015 Task
ChristmasHack 2007: Santa's Fight
	SantasFight, binaries and datas (Windows)
	SantasFight Sources
	SantasFight Readme
	Christmas Hack Task
Threaded Graphic Processing test:
	Threaded graphic processing test source
	Threaded graphic processing test binaries ( Windows)
Exceptions Using C test:
	C Exceptions sources
My Framework (mainly here for saving purpose, feel free to take a look, updated for bam bam):
	Library sources, binaries, example, docs
File searching using allegro example:
	File search source